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Why Do You Still Use a Paper Fax?

Virtualization is hard to miss: It’s the biggest trend in information technology. Amazon’s cloud-computing service (known as Amazon Web Services) has taken the world by storm, as even enterprise buyers line up to consume virtual computing power on the fly. IT consumers are focused less and less on hardware and more and more on simply consuming computing services.

Yet despite this revolution, some professionals still don’t have an online fax service (you know who you are). Instead of using an email fax: (or electronic fax) solution, they continue to receive paper faxes. The irony? Some of these people are reading the latest best-seller on their Kindle electronic reader while waiting for a proposal to drop out of their paper fax machine.

So for those numerous hangers-on, I thought I’d make a list of the top reasons it is absolutely time to adopt an online fax service.

Travel is a reality: The simple argument for directing all faxes to an electronic fax is that you probably travel. Why deal with the hassle of asking someone to pick up a fax for you or tolerate the risk an important fax will be overlooked? You carry that smartphone for a reason – so use it. Read your faxes instantly in email as soon as you receive them.

Let information follow you: Point one is so important, I want to say it again a different way. Its 2009 and information serves us now. It finds us through RSS feeds and status updates. We no longer have to wait for the TV to spit out the shows we want; we watch them electronically on Tivo or, for the truly advanced, Hulu. Don’t rush home from soccer practice to receive a fax. Read it wherever you are in the world and stop for a tasty smoothie with the kids.

Speed: It’s simply quicker and easier to forward an electronic fax. You just hit forward in your email and it’s on its way. Why waste your time typing in phone numbers? You can also fire off a quick acknowledgment with notes to the sender. Internet fax is a faster fax.

Reliability: Unlike some fax machines, the internet is always working. With internet fax, there is no toner that needs replacing and no hardline that a cat can pull out. Have you ever hassled with a fax machine? If you own one, the answer is probably yes.

Green savings: Online fax services are more affordable than ever. They deliver all the above benefits and are still cheaper than a dedicated phone line approach to faxing. They are also greener – no paper or toner is needed unless you decide a document is important enough to print. Faxing accounts for 5% of office paper use! Want to be 5% greener tomorrow? Switch to an email fax solution today.

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