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Essay Plan-reasoning on Literature: Writing Technique

Every schoolchild and student have heard of such a concept as a "plan". Plans are written using ready-made texts, writing services or for creating your own compositions. Plans for different types of speech (description, reasoning, story) have their own nuances, and the plan for an essay-reasoning in literature, how to write it, will tell this publication.

Planning guidelines

You can use not only Arabic numerals. We advise you to make a few more "knots for memory", which will serve well when writing a plan:

  1. Before drawing up a plan, you need to delve into the topic and think about what key thesis to put forward (if it is not declared by the topic) and what arguments for its proof or refutation are in the work.

  2. You do not need to make a plan that is too detailed, it should only display the main points.

  3. It is not always possible to immediately come up with a title for the final part, as it floats out of the content. You can designate this point of the plan with the word "conclusions".

  4. The final point can be formulated on the basis of a key thesis. For example, to the thesis "Is there a female friendship (based on the novel ...)?" you can make the final paragraph "What is the secret of female friendship."

  5. A complex outline is preferable for composing a reasoning, since it accurately reflects the structure of the reasoning.

When trying to write my term paper for making a complex plan, you can use Roman and Arabic numerals (sample above) or Arabic numerals (for points) and small letters with brackets (for subparagraphs).


Writing a plan is the first step to good writing. In order to make a good plan, you need to read the topic, formulate the key idea of the future reasoning and decide what to do with it - to prove or disprove. Next, you need to determine the possible arguments (based on the essay). Based on this, you can draw up a simple or complex plan, paying attention to the correctness of the wording of its points. After checking for correctness, the plan is ready.

Some students are cunning: they write an essay, and on its basis - a plan. Of course, such an organization of work is not useful, but it takes time. Better to get the paper done quickly. In order for the plan to become a good helper, do not be lazy to draw up it conscientiously before writing the text. Enough time and effort will be spent on creating the first plans, but after several trainings, the wording of the points will come to mind on their own.

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