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How to Write a First-Class Essay

A first-class essay is an article that attains 70 percent or higher grades. In some universities, the criteria are 75 percent. Achieving this benchmark seems a daunting task. It isn't easy to achieve. You can take different steps to make your essay a first-class one.

Understand The Topic Promptly

Check out the marking criteria first. Some students are unaware of what they will be graded for. You will be careful when you know how your essay will be marked and where your marks will be deducted. Marks are allocated for different aspects of your writing. Everything is being observed from content, presentation, citation style, referencing, technical knowledge, use of language, diction, grammar, and spelling.

After understanding the marking criteria, you must then look at the topic. One of the wisest things to do when writing a first class essay is to thoroughly understand the question at hand. The essay prompt tells a lot about how you need to present your essay. The difference between an average article and a top-class essay is how well you comprehend parts of the article. When you know what is being asked, you will be able to write accordingly. For instance, there is a difference between critically analyzing and discussing. Note the difference and report as per the given directions.

If you don't answer the question, you will lose the score. Comprehend the exact words used in the question and craft your essay accordingly. It is essential to write a compelling first class essay introduction. Intrigue the reader so that he reads more. The professor will check your article, among other assignments. The initial paragraph must be engaging and exciting to hook the reader to read further.

Present an Argument

Take a look at afirst class essay example. You will get an idea about how arguments are presented in the paper logically and coherently. When you read books and other literature, you will form an opinion. The point of view you create allows you to formulate an argument—present ideas in a highly structured way. If you present all the statements together, you will not be able to do justice. It also helps give the picture one by one and lets your professor understand the thought process behind the argument.

You can also present one idea in each body paragraph and elaborate on the point within the section. The way you write down an argument exhibits your logical and analytical thinking ability. Reading widely about a subject is very important in achieving a coherent view. While giving your opinion, substantiate it with supporting facts and quotes from scholarly people. It shows how well-researched your essay is. When you describe the critical points in an article, it becomes a descriptive essay. But you also present the arguments by criticizing or defending a particular data. Your viewpoints are shared in a first class essay, keeping a conceptual framework in mind. You must share opposing views to your key arguments and what makes you stand by your viewpoint.

Follow The Standard Structure

Students who are overwhelmed with assignments and presentations also seek first class essay help to get top grades in class. But if you are one of those students who like to complete the essay independently, you must follow a specific structure. Present your arguments step-by-step so that your professor can follow the logic.

A first-class essay should have a clear structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

· Introduction – It provides some background context for your paper while setting the tone for your essay. It should include a thesis statement that is the article's main argument. Just summarize what you are planning to present in the report. Don't write down everything in the introductory para.

· Body Text – This section of the essay contains several body paragraphs. It essentially allows every aspect of your question in detail. Each paragraph must have an introductory sentence that summarizes the main point. The body of your essay should answer all the research questions you have posed in the beginning.

· Conclusion – It presents a summary of your key findings. Provide future recommendations on how your essay will contribute in the long run.

Stick to the Presentation and Formatting

You must follow the formatting style your professor has specifically asked you. If it is a law assignment and you are asked to write a first class law essay, you should use the citation and referencing style your professor has mentioned in the instructions. Stick to the font size, line spacing, and margins as given in the directions.

These are some of the ways to write a compelling essay. Make sure to read the essay prompt carefully. Coherently present your ideas. Double-check the article for errors and typo mistakes. You wouldn't want to submit an essay that is not well-written and is full of errors. Check out the reference and citation before submitting the final piece.

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